Step 5 – Units 8-11

Take one of the HST-ish things we got when we sewed two triangles of background fabric together back in step one, and sew it to a Unit #6. We’ll call this one Unit #8 and we need two of them.

Now take two Unit #7’s and sew them onto a Unit #6 as you see below. We’ll need two of these and we’ll call them Unit #9.

Take Unit #4 and sew it in the center of two Unit #6s as shown below. We’ll call this one Unit #10. Aren’t you glad you’re using Post-it notes to keep these all straight?

Now, sew two 5 1/2″ squares of background fabrit to either side of a Unit #6 like you see in the picture below. Make two of them and call them Unit #11

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