Step 1a – Cutting instructions for a jellyroll

Because this pattern began as a project for jellyrolls I happen to have specific cutting instructions for those of you who are using a jellyroll as your fabric source for this project. As a bonus I’m going to include the original jellyroll description below too 🙂


Jelly Roll Surprise

These days I am all about Jellyrolls. No, not the kind you eat, the kind you quilt with. A Jellyroll is a collection of 2.5″ strips, usually one from each fabric of a fabric collection, so there are no repeats and they all go together without much effort on the part of the quilter. That’s fabulous if you ask me 🙂

Here are a couple visual examples since I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of mine before unwinding them 😉

(I borrowed these images from The Fat Quarter Shop. I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but I intend to. They have a great selection of fabric there. Check ’em out, and if you buy anything from them lemme know how it goes. I’ll return the favour 😉 )

This quilt is one I designed with a jellyroll in mind, but you don’t need to use a jellyroll to make it, it’s super flexible. I’d recommend doing it scrappy, but if that’s not your thing, it’s all good. Just have two colors of fabric or two distinct groups of fabric (light/dark bright/dark blue/white whatever/whatever). It’s a super easy quilt that looks far trickier than it is.


I am going to call my fabric groups ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ but you can use any two high contrast types of fabric. We’ll be putting this block together using strips of fabric. Because of the way we’re going to sew it together as long as your strips are at least 20″ long you’re good to go.

The length of your strips doesn’t matter a whole lot, it’s the width that counts.

10 strips that 2″ wide
20 strips that are 1.25″ wide

10 strips that are 2″ wide
20 strips that are 14″ x 1.25″ wide

So now I have strips that are light and thin, strips that are light and thick plus strips that are dark and thin and strips which are dark and thick. I put them in four Ziploc bags and labelled them as such.

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